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The Eccopanel Electrical Wall Mounted Panel Heater

This Wall Mounted Panel Heater is an ECONOMICAL, SAFE & environmentally friendly way to heat your home or office. The heater is efficient, affordable & EASY to install.

Eccopanel Electrical Wall-Mounted-Panel-Heater Installed In Bathroom And Bedroom

Eccopanel Electrical Wall-Mounted-Panel-Heater Installation And Operation Diagram

  • Attractive slim design

  • Can be painted to match decor

  • Incorporates latest materials technology

  • No exposed electric element

  • No fan means no circulated dust

  • Very economical to run

  • A 400/420 W panel heats a 12 sqm room

  • Designed to be left on for long periods

  • Safe for children

  • Safe for disabled persons

  • Safe for pets

  • Ideal for asthma & dust allergy sufferers

  • Won’t aggravate respiratory problems

  • Makes no annoying noise or vibration

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Wall Mounted Panel Heaters: Your Safe, Warm and Economical Alternative

Imagine, if you will, that you come home in the dead of a cold, chill winter where rain is pouring down outside with your cold, wet children; and as you open the door to your home you feel life-giving warmth surround you. Your children rush past you to change into dry clothes.

As you walk in, you barely notice the wall mounted panel heater that is creating soft background warmth. Your ears hear nothing but the quietness of the home and the happy laughter of your children. You are so glad you got rid of your old heater that used to bang and rattle all the time. The air in the house smells like it should, and there is enough moisture in the air that your nose isnít dried out.

You are thankful that you programmed the 24 hour timer to activate the heater before you arrived home.  No waiting for the home to warm, no fire risk from leaving the heater on, and best of all, itís so economical and maintenance free.

One of your children has carelessly slung their wet coat near the wall mounted panel heater. You remove it, noting as you do so that there is no fire hazard or chance of the coat burning. A nearby chair Ė so close that it would have been ruined by any other heating device- serves as a handy hanger for the coat.  As you place the coat on the chair next to the heater, another child calls to you from the bathroom asking for a towel.

You go to get one for them, and as you walk into the bathroom, you notice that there is no musty smell from mould growth. You remember how it used to be, before you installed an Eccopanel wall mounted panel heater. Once you had the heater installed, all it took was a few days of gentle ambient warmth from the panel heater to dry the musty, mouldy smell out of the bathroom.

Your child enjoys wrapping the nice warm towel around them as they step out of the shower, because the wall mounted panel heater located behind the towel rack kept the towels dry as well as warming the bathroom. You laugh as they snuggle their face deep within the folds of the towel, enjoying being warm and dry all over after the cold blustery winds outside.  

You walk to your desk and check the mail. Amongst your letters is the electricity bill. You open it, and find yourself pleasantly surprised by the difference installing the electric wall mounted panel heater has made since last winter when the heating bill was huge. Your leg brushes against the panel; you can feel the warm air rising gently from behind it.  Your cat purrs and settles at your feet.

As you pay the bill you can see your dry, warm children happily playing a board game next to the heater. You know you can safely leave them while you attend to other matters, as they would quickly remove their hands from the heater if they touched it, without the risk of them suffering anything worse than a hot hand. And later, when they go to bed, they will be going into a warm, not cold, room. 

You smile. Life is good!

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